Data as a Service

Our Role

As one of our top clients Zebra often asks Brian (our founder) to consult on big initiatives, for this one they asked him to act as the interim Product Owner for Zebra’s new data as a service API platform as it was being built. As part of that we put together a live demo of the Blockchain, FDA Recall & Barcode Intelligence API’s for Zebra’s CTO to present to the public. The app is simple, but what it’s doing is incredible.

Imagine that with every barcode scan you can record who did the scan, what the item is, when and where the scan occurred, and automatically checking for recalls from the FDA on that item and recording all of that to the blockchain.  That’s what we’re doing here, in an instant, with a single barcode scan. Incredibly important when you think about food safety (romaine lettuce anyone), or drugs and implantable medical devices that’ve been recalled.